New Tax Code Changes


We know that you may be wondering about how the new tax code is going to affect you. We all are too. Here is some information from our friend Jennifer Clark at Satterwhite Financial.


This is great news for anyone thinking about buying in 2018! The new conforming loan limit will be increased to $453,100. Now, people are eligible for a higher loan amount, but still with access to the low conforming rates and low down payment options.


Additionally, if you purchased your home using a Jumbo/Non-Conforming loan, give us a call. Refinancing a Jumbo loan into a Conventional could make a huge difference in your monthly payment.


Jennifer is available for all your mortgage needs and questions. Her number is (919-264-6662).


We hope that if you have any questions related to selling your home or buying a new one, you will give us a call at Our Triangle Homes (919-621-4755).